Q&A with the host of this weeks #TapeDrop | Sibson


This week Sibson gave us a taste of his signature sound!

We had a Q&A session with him!

Describe your mix in two words?

Punctured wobble.

Current favourite song?

I'm digging ‘Corridor of Dreams’ by Cleaners From Venus.

A festival you recommend and why?

La Casella Festival, Umbria, Italy. (just do it)

Fun fact?

Singing Hank Williams in my sleep.



Priscilla Ermel - Floresta [excerpt]

Haruomi Hosono - Malabar Hotel Ground Floor… Triangle Circuit on the Sea-Forest

Bessie Jones - Get In Union

African Head Charge - Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline And Dignity

Etienne Jaumet - Unity (Dj Sotofett’s Unity Dub)

Secret Circuit - Stomping Ground [w/ Dennis Bovell - Escape Goat Dub sample]

Balimba - Nakara Percussions

Desert Burials - Cages

Umbra - Yak

Strapontin - Fondofunk

The Simonsound - It’s Just Begun

Ziggy - Trance Jigolo [intro] / DJ Feet Burger - Galaxy of Synthesis [outro]

The Pilotwings - Cerisier

Your Planet is Next - Play it Louder

Talamanca System - Experc

Jonny Rock - Way Over There (Original Mix)


Closet Yi - Basalt (玄武岩)

Night Noise - Congoism (Jonny Sender remix)

Edgar Winter - Above And Beyond (Sibson’s Above & Even Further Lockdown Dub)

Innershades - Utility Shift

Sano - El Juancho

Jac The Disco - Goddess (Juan Maclean remix)

Jex - La Casa

Shan - Awakening [w/ Don Carlos - Alone excerpt]


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