Q&A with the host of this weeks #TapeDrop | Y.Loh


This week Y.Loh gave us a taste of his signature sound that is impressively relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. A true journey.

We had a Q&A session with him!

Describe your mix in two words?

Sunset Vibes

Current favourite song?

Babellas by Arutani

All time favourite album?

Space Is Only Noise by Nicolas Jaar

A festival you recommend and why?

Sónar festival in Barcelona. The lineups are always diverse and on point. It has also  been my favorite for discovering new music, networking, and simply partying all day/night. 

Fun fact?

I am a Black belt in Karate. 



Talabout- Stavroz

Momo’s Karawane- Paul Traeumer

Canto a la Paz (Dandara Remix)- Pol Nada

A1- Darkside

Colibria- Nicola Cruz

Dame tu amor- Y.LOH

Folha de Jurema (Xique-Xique Dragonfruit Mix)- Nicola Cruz, Spaniol, Salvador Araguaya.

A Stranger Among Words- Victor Norman

Nissho- Y.LOH


Matches (Maugli Remix)- Rapossa

Equinoccio feat. Huaira- Nicola Cruz

Twilight (Acid Pauli Remix)- Acid Pauli, Noema

Untitled (Late Sun)- Kerala Dust

Out of Sight- Mâhfoud

A Twisted Fate As We Drag Ourselves Through Her Haunted Desert (Nutia Remix)- Harry Charles

Merci eclair- Stavroz

A Tribe Called Kotori-Oliver Koletzki

The Mist- Dark But Gray

Invocación- Nicola Cruz


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