Q&A with the host of this weeks #TapeDrop | Azuro


This week giving us a taste of house, funk and everything groove we had Azuro!

We had a Q&A session with him!

Describe your mix in two words?

Funky and eclectic

Current favourite song?

Aries by Gorillaz is probably the best song I've heard recently. All of their new Song Machine stuff is really cool.

All time favourite album?

A very difficult question that I don't think I can answer. But an album I really enjoy and keep coming back to is Parcels' self-titled album. Every song on it is great.

A festival you recommend and why?

I'm not much of a festival person, I prefer going to shows of the artists I want to see.

Fun fact?

I used to have a "food blog" and review burgers. Its still on instagram @bergsburgers



Cody Currie - Djembe

Azuro - Emmanuel's Groove

Ari Bald - Enchantress

Charles Maurice - Never Gonna Let You Go (Black Cock Sax Tribute Version)

Bosq - Movin' On

Steve Monite - Only You (Azuro's Unreleased Edit)

Salary Boy - Club Row

Salary Boy - Confusion

DJ Steaw - Tribute To Doug Willis

Sweely - I Gotta Keep On (Azuro Remix)

Dan Shake - Daisy's Dance

Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda

Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa (Noema's Tribute Edit)

Change - Hold Tight (Azuro's Unreleased Edit)


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